The Simple Plan

If you want a simple funeral, which still has all the dignity and attention to detail you could wish for, you might like to consider the Simple Plan. It includes all the components of the ‘Basic Plan’ but has a contribution towards the third party costs.

The Simple Plan includes:

  • The services of your funeral director
  • Provision of the necessary funeral arrangements
  • Professional advice on certification and registration of death
  • Conveyance of the deceased to the funeral director’s premises (within a 25 mile radius)
  • Care of the deceased until the cremation takes place
  • A simple coffin
  • A hearse to convey the deceased to the nearest crematorium
  • Medical fees for cremation certificates – see important information below
  • Minister’s or officiant’s fees – see important information below
  • Costs of cremation – see below

This plan allows for a contribution towards third party costs. As every funeral is unique it is advisable to speak to us to allow for the correct amount to be allowed for.

Please contact us on 01803 882385. We are available 24 hours a day.